How does on-line booking work?

The UK Dining on-line booking service is quick and easy to use.

You can search for restaurants in our network by using the map or drop down search menus. You'll get a wealth of information for each restaurant on the system, to give you a better idea of things like the food, style and typical prices for each establishment.

We have thousands of restaurants available to book on-line, so you can narrow your search easily by choosing the region in which you want to dine (for example London's West End) and/or what type of food you want to eat (for example 'Italian').

When you find a restaurant you would like to book, simply click on the 'book now' icon and you will be taken to the on-line booking diary for that restaurant. The times and dates on which tables are available will be shown in the diary, allowing you to choose which date and time you wish to dine and for how many people you wish to book. You will be required to enter your email and / or mobile number so that a confirmation can be sent to you.

The restaurant will receive your booking instantly and you get a confirmation by email. Your booking is confirmed 'in real time', because the restaurants in the network are all either integrated with their diaries or guarantee us a certain amount of available tables.

Frequently asked questions

It's quick and easy to book a restaurant online through UK Dining.

Each restaurant has a booking diary interface, accessible via the booking tab in the restaurant details page.

Simply use the booking diary interface drop down menus to select the session you wish to book, (for example, breakfast, lunch or dinner) and the number of diners in your party, then select the date you wish to book.

If the restaurant has special offers on the day you wish to book for, the booking interface will show a message to advise you of this.

Click book online and the available table times and any offers are displayed for you to choose from. If there are special offers available, they will be detailed here so that you may choose to make a standard or special offer reservation

To complete the reservation, you will be required to supply your name and basic contact details, in much the same way as you would for a telephone booking.

Check the booking summary and if all the reservation details are correct, tick the box to accept the booking conditions and click on 'book this table' to send your booking to the restaurant.

Your booking is now complete and you will receive an instant confirmation with a unique booking reference by email. Simply turn up at the restaurant for your booking and enjoy your meal!

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, cancellations can be made on the cancel a booking page - you simply need to enter your booking reference and email address and the cancellation will be made instantly.

Booking through our services over the Internet is completely free of charge, provided nothing else is clearly stated before you book.

You can cancel a booking quickly and easily online. Simply click on Cancel your booking and supply the booking reference number and the email or mobile you used when booking and the cancellation is immediately sent to the restaurant. Some restaurants do not accept online cancellations, in which case, you will be provided with a link to the contact details or the restaurant so you can call them up and cancel your booking.

No. However, to confirm a booking you must supply your mobile phone or your email address and an alternative contact phone. We need this to be able to send you confirmations and updates and also inform the restaurant you have booked so that they can contact you if needed.

Personal details and settings supplied by you when you use the service are stored on the booking system and made available to the restaurants you book. This is to ensure they can contact you with any important information about your bookings, changes to the system and so on. Whilst we will never use your details for marketing unless you have opted to receive such information, we cannot guarantee that the restaurants won't send you messages after you have booked with them.

No, unless you opt in to a mailing list, we will only use your contact details to send you service related information, confirmations and reminders, in other words the type of messages required for us to be able to fulfil our responsibilities towards you.

The Bookatable Network is a professional restaurant reservation network. We work with Bookatable to help the connected restaurants to market and distribute their available tables through an online booking engine, which is integrated with several distribution partners. Bookatable's online booking engine reaches business guests as well as private diners and offers restaurant experiences in connection with other activities such as travel, going to the movies or the theatre or business lunches. Bookatable Network is based on a model used today in Europe to help thousands of restaurants offer their available tables through hundreds of partners to millions of guests. Bookatable Network is an open network with an open booking engine meaning that the restaurants are free to use any system in their restaurant, the partners can decide which restaurants to work with and the restaurants choose where their tables are offered.

Every booking is unique and is assigned a reference number. This reference number follows the booking throughout the process and is made available to the guest and the restaurant.

Messages are automatically sent to the restaurant when a guest makes a new booking, changes a booking or cancels one. Your experience as a guest is completely online and you receive corresponding confirmations through email. The restaurant receives the messages through one or more of their chosen channels: a table management system or diary installed locally at the restaurant; a web based online diary or email; fax or text messaging. The message to the restaurant contains a reference number, date and time, number of guests, additional requests and contact information.

No. Booking through the online service is always free for you as a guest unless it has been clearly stated to the contrary when you booked. However, it is up to the restaurant to decide whether they want to charge guests who do not show up for a reservation at the agreed time (so called "no shows"). This is usually done by asking for your credit card number when booking.

If at the time of booking, the restaurant required you to supply a valid credit card number, it is up to them to decide whether to charge you a "no show fee" or not. The Bookatable service also regularly do follow up checks on guests who do not show up and if we decide that the service has been misused, we reserve the right to prevent future use of the booking service in the future.

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