A unique Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant, Azouma Restaurant recreates Morocco's rich culture on a vibrant corner of Canterbury. Balancing contemporary and classic Lebanese and Moroccan tagines, Azouma specialises in serving succulent slow cooked meats with an array of perfectly chosen spices. Boasting an authentically Moroccan atmosphere, diners can enjoy Azouma's regular belly dancing evenings.

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4 Church Street
St Pauls
Restaurant Style(s)
Traditional Restaurant
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Open Hours
Monday to Friday: 12:00 - 15:00 and 17:00 - 22:00 Saturday: 12:00 - 00:00 Sunday: 12:00 - 22:00
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Cold Mezze

Hummus (v) £ 3.15
A true favourite Puréed chickpea dip with sesame paste, seasoned with lemon juice,olive oil & garlic served with Lebanese fried bread.

Lebneh (v) £ 3.15
A refreshing combination of finely chopped cucumber, mint, creamy Greek yoghurt, with a touch of garlic & olive oil. Served with Lebanese fried bread.

Baba Ghanoush (Moutabel) (v) £ 3.50
Flavoursome grilled & smoked aubergine with sesame paste. Seasoned with a touch of garlic, olive oil & lemon juice, garnished with pomegranate.
Served with Lebanese fried bread.

Harissa (v) £ 3.50
A hot spicy dip of red &chilli peppers & cumin, with crushed roasted almonds & mixed nuts. Served with Lebanese fried bread.
Hot Mezze

Sambousek (v) £ 3.95
3 Pieces of Pastry parcels filled with feta, cheddar & Hallomi cheeses & parsley (deep fried)

*Briwats £ 3.95
3 Pieces of Filo pastry parcels filled with chicken or prawns & Moroccan mix of fresh herbs (deep fried)

Kibbeh Maklieh £ 3.95
3 Pieces of Tasty balls of seasoned minced lamb, onions & cruched Almonds, with a crunchy outer layer of ground lamb & crushed wheat (deep fried)

Falafel (v) £ 3.75
3 Pieces of Patties of ground chickpeas, beans & spices (deep fried). Served with tahina (sesame dip)

Jawaneh £ 4.20
4 Pieces of Chargrilled chicken wings in tasty garlic sauce
Enjoy as starter or side order

Grilled Hallomi7.95
Char grilled Grilled Haloumi, served with Tabouleh & marinated

Grilled Chicken8.95
Chargrilled Marinated Chicken served with couscous salad and cherry tomatoes

Lamb Brochettes9.95
Lamb Brochettes served with tabouleh and harissa

Mixed Salad (V)3.95
Lettuce, cucumber, carrots & tomato, with , garlic and vinegar sauce

Feta Cheese Salad (v)
5.25 Mixed salad with feta cheese

Fattoush salad (v) 4.50
Lettuce, cucumber, carrots & tomato, garlic and lemon juice, tossed with crunchy Lebanese bread croutons.

Tabouleh (v) £ 4.75
Finely chopped flat-leafed parsley, tomato, onions, mint, crushed wheat, Lemon juice & olive oil.

Harirra (v) £ 4.20 or with lamb and chicken £4.95
A real Moroccan favourite! A rich, colourful & spicy soup: either with chickpeas, lentils & vermicelli
Main Courses: Tagine Dishes

Tagine Lahem Belbarkouk £ 13.75
(Slow-Cooked Lamb with Prunes & Roasted Almonds)
Authentic Moroccan flavours: sweet & savoury spices
We recommend a side order with your main dish

Tagine Lahem Belkhodar £ 14.75
(Slow-Cooked Lamb with carrots, peas, Courgettes & corriander)
Authentic Moroccan flavours

Tagine Lahem bakar £ 14.75
(Slow-Cooked diced beef with mixed peppers, Courgettes & coriander)
Authentic Moroccan flavours

Tagine Kefta becharmoula £ 12.75
(Meat balls tagine cooked with mixed peppers, tomato sauce, coriander & (eggs) optional) Authentic Moroccan flavours)
We recommend a side order with your main dish

Tagine Dejaj bel Zetoun £ 11.95
(Chicken with Preserved Lemons, Olives & Green Beans)
Our slow ?cooked, authentic Moroccan recipe.
We recommend a side order with your main dish

Tagine Dejaj bel Felfel £ 12.95
(Chicken cooked with mix peppers, potatoes, Olives and coriander)
Our slow ?cooked, authentic Moroccan recipe

Tagine Belkhodar (V) £ 9.95
(vegetable tagine cooked with carrots, peas, Courgettes, mixed peppers sewed & coriander)
Authentic Moroccan flavours
Main Courses: Couscous Dishes
Couscous is the celebrated dish of Morocco and is a type of delicate semolina made from Wheat. Authentic Moroccan flavours, well steamed & softened fine grains, flavoured in aromatic Moroccan spices and herbs.

Couscous Lahem. (Lamb Couscous) £13.95
Authentic Moroccan flavours, well steamed & softened fine grains, topped with vegetables and tender Lamb succulent, flavoured in aromatic Marrakech spices and herbs.

Couscous Lahem betfaya£13.95
Lamb Couscous served with caramelised onion, chickpeas, raisins ,carrots, courgettes, Swede, parsnips, butternut squash

Couscous Dejaj. £12.95
Chicken Couscous served with carrots, courgettes, Swede, parsnips, butternut squash, onion and chickpeas

Couscous Samak£13.95
Salmon Couscous served with carrots, courgettes, Swede, parsnips, butternut squash, and chickpeas

Couscous Khoddar betfaya. (V) £9.95
(Vegetarian Couscous) served with caramelised onion, chickpeas, raisins, carrots, courgettes, Swede, parsnips, butternut squash
Other Main Dishes

Qousi Lahem (Oven-Cooked Lamb Shank) £ 13.95
Tender & succulent marinated in aromatic spices. An Authentic Arabian Style meal favoured at celebratory events served with rice and seasonal vegetables.

Pan-Roasted Prawns £ 13.95
King prawns, peppers, onion & mushrooms on a bed of potatoes, topped with cream, mixed coconuts, mixed mozzarella and cheddar, gently baked in the oven to seal in those delicate flavours served with mixed salad and Moroccan fried potatoes.

Sea bass fillet £ 13.95
Fresh Sea Bass Fillet marinated and flavoured in Moroccan herbs and spices served with rice and mixed salad

Moussaka (v) £ 9.95
Egyptian style layers of fried aubergine, chickpeas, potatoes, peppers and tomato topped with béchamel white sauce.
Served with Moroccan Fried Potatoes and mixed salad. £ 9.95
Marinated spiced meat tastily cooked over our open-fired charcoal grill, served with lebanesse flat bread, , onion, tomato sauce and yogurt, mixed salad.

Shish Tawuk £11.95
Skewers of boneless chicken marinated in garlic, lemon juice, Olive oil & Lebanese spices.

Lamb Shish Kebab £12.95
Skewers of lamb marinated in garlic, onion, olive oil with Moroccan herbs & spices.

Kefta Kebab £10.95
Mince lamb with tomato & herbs grilled on skewers.

Azouma Mixed Grill Meal £13.95
A medley of lamb and chicken cubes served together with lamb kefta.
Side orders

Moroccan Fried Potatoes (v) £ 2.25
Spicy potato wedges seasoned with garlic.& moroccan spices

Couscous (v) £ 2.25
Moroccan style steamed couscous

Khobez (v) £ 0.75
1X Arabian flat bread

Olives (v) £ 2.75
A mix of olives in a garlic and coriander marinade

Rice (v) £ 2.25
Basmati Rise cooked in Arabic style

Vegetables £ 3.25
Vegetables cooked with Ras El Hanout spices (A special Moroccan spice mix).
Set Menus

Full Azouma Meal £ 19.95 per person
A tasty selection of our hot & cold mezze including Sambousek, Falafel and Lebneh or Harrisa, together with Lebanese fried bread (all suitable for vegetarians)

A tagine main meal selction of: Lamb or Chicken and Mixed Vegetables or Moussaka for Vegeterians

Served with Morrocan fried potatoes, mixed salad and your choice of couscous &/or saffron rice

Selection of Baklava

Morrocan Mint Tea or Arabic Coffee

49.* Azouma mix mezze meal £ 11.95
Suitable as a main meal for one, or two to share as a starter, A selection of our hot and cold mezze including: Kibbeh Maklieh, Prawn & chicken briwat, Lebneh, Humus & Harissa with Lebanese fried bread

50. *Vegetarian Mix Mezze Meal (V) £ 10.95
Suitable as a main meal for one, or two to share as a starter
A selection of our hot and cold vegetarian mezze including: Falafel, Sambousek, Spring Rolls, Lebneh, Hummus and Harissa with Lebanese crisp bread
A selection of delectable Arabian dessert?

Moroccan Maskoutta £ 3.75
A delicious Moroccan Cake, served with a delicious sweet topping of your choice.
Choose from:
? melted butter with drizzles of honey, sprinkled with icing sugar & mixed nuts
? Drizzles of chocolate, sprinkled with icing sugar & mixed nuts
? Creamy custard, raisins & cinnamon

Selection of baklava (5 pieces) (v) £ 3.75

Creamy yoghurt with honey and almonds £ 3.50

Ice cream Ask your waiter for today?s selection £ 3.50

Almond Coconut Balls (4 Pieces) (v) £3.75
Delicate fresh creamy coconut ball with stuffed with almonds, served with chocolate syrup, strawberry or Honey, sprinkled with icing sugar.