The Real Greek - Marylebone

Amidst the genial bustle of Marylebone, The Real Greek glows with a cosy, welcoming buzz behind its sleek glass frontage. Glossy polished tables, snug padded banquettes and a bare bulb chandelier make the restaurant interior chic and relaxing, with an intimate ambience that's perfect for sharing the mezedes, souvlaki and other Greek street food on the menu.

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56 Paddington Street
Restaurant Style(s)
Modern Restaurant
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Open Hours
Monday to Saturday: 12:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 22:30.
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LUNCH MENU. Available in all The Real Greek restaurants Monday - Friday from 12-5pm. The menu is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or Promotion. Not valid in Bank Holiday, cannot be disounted. Available dine-in only. Book this offer

Valid Sunday - Thursday from 4.00pm- 7.00pm. Dine-in only. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Book this offer

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Menu is available for a minimum of 6 people. Please choose only one menu type for your entire party (see PDF). This menu cannot be discounted. For parties over 10 people you will need to pre-order. Book this offer

none as the menu is valid 7days a week lunch and Dinner. Book this offer



Olives (V) (VG)	£	2.50
The ideal Mediterranean nibble, whilst you decide what to order. (317kcal)	 	
Athenian Mixed Nuts (V) (VG)	£	2.50
Roasted and salted pistachios, almonds and walnuts. (479kcal)	 	
Greek Flatbred with Olive Oil & Dukkah (V)	£	2.50
Our twist on an Eastern Mediterranean classic. To experience this dish the traditional way, dip flatbread in olive oil, followed by our homemade Dukkah - a spicy mix of ground, dry roasted nuts and seeds. (538kcal)	 	
Meze [meh-zeh]
  Small savoury dishes in the Real Greek tradition ? best enjoyed with hot flatbread or our crudités.

  Cold Meze
Greek Flatbread (V)	£	2.45
Light, moist and incredibly moreish, the authentic Greek classic. (615kcal)	 	
Crudités [cru-di-tay] (V) (VG)	£	2.15
Fresh-cut carrot, celery and cucumber, perfect with one of our homemade dips. (37kcal)	 	
Beetroot, Feta & Lentil NEW	£	4.25
Green lentils, beetroot, red onion and feta in our tangy lemon dressing. (308kcal)	 	
Taramasalata [tara-ma-salata]	£	4.15
Rich, creamy and made fresh every day with naturally smoked undyed cod roe. (913kcal)	 	
Hummus [hum-us] (V) (VG)	£	4.15
Our daily home blend, rich in tahini and delicately spiced with cumin and fresh chilli. (298 kcal)	 	
Tzatziki [tat-zee-kee] (V)	£	4.15
Cool and tangy Greek yoghurt with chopped cucumber, garlic and fresh mint. (163kcal)	 	
Htipiti [hit-ee-pit-ee]	£	4.15
Real Greek feta dip coarsely chopped with roasted red peppers and red onions. (305kcal)	 	
Green Bean, Chickpea & Spinach [v] [vg] NEW	£	4.25
A refreshing meze of green beans, chickpeas, spinach and feta dressed in our fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. (370kcal)	 	
Revithia [v] [vg] NEW	£	4.15
Baby chickpeas with handfuls of herbs, olive oil and lemon. (286kcal)	 	
[melit-zano-salata] (V) (VG)	£	4.15
A light and fragrant blend of smoked aubergine, garlic, shallots and lemon. (236kcal)	 	
Gigandes Plaki
[gig-and-ees pla-ki] (V) (VG)	£	4.15
Hearty giant beans, slow-cooked by our chefs in a rich and herby tomato sauce. (183kcal)	 	
Watermelon, Mint & Feta NEW	£	4.25
Refreshing watermelon, fresh mint and feta on a bed of leaves dressed simply with olive oil and white balsamic and finished with pomegranate seeds. (102kcal)	 	
Tabouleh Salad [ta-boo-lay] (V)	£	4.15
A refreshing salad of rocket, parsley, mint, cucumbers, tomatoes, Macedonian chillies and preserved lemon in an extra virgin olive oil, honey and Kozanis saffron dressing. (117kcal)	 	
Dolmades [dol-ma-dez] (V) (VG)	£	4.25
Daily hand-wrapped vine leaves with our unique rice, herb, pine nut and Corinthian sultana filling. (254kcal)	 	
  Hot Meze
Tiger Prawns with Garlic & Chilli NEW	£	6.25
Simple but scrumptious, tiger prawns marinated in a garlic and chilli butter. (92kcal)	 	
Grilled Octopus	£	6.00
Beautifully tender octopus tossed in olive oil, garlic and Greek mountain oregano. (447kcal)	 	
Tahini Keftedes NEW	£	6.00
Handmade British lamb patties grilled and served with a tahini sauce. (227kcal)	 	
Tiropitakia [tiro-pi-takia]	£	4.75
Our filo pastry parcels with creamy leek, spinach and feta filling, handmade daily. (416kcal)	 	
Lamb Kefte [kef-ter]	£	5.35
Best British lamb, minced, skewered and marinated with aromatic Anatolian spices. (344kcal)	 	
Grilled Kalamari	£	6.00
Our own unique version, using the freshest squid and a sticky Greek honey and paprika marinade. (286kcal)	 	
Grilled succulent Farm Assured British meat or halloumi, skewered with onions and peppers, marinated and served on a bed of leaves. Choose from...		
Chicken (177kcal)	£	4.95
Pork (281kcal)	£	4.95
Lamb (255kcal)	£	5.45
Halloumi [ha-loo-mee] (118kcal) (V)	£	5.00
Bifteki [bif-tek-ee]	£	5.95
Light and succulent British beef patties handmade with spring onion and served with minted yoghurt. (252kcal)	 	
Grilled Asparagus [v] NEW	£	4.00
A real seasonal treat, dressed with olive oil, Greek honey and Kozanis saffron. (140kcal)	 	
Lamb Cutlets	£	6.95
Sweet and succulent British lamb grilled with Greek mountain thyme. (881kcal)	 	
Boureki [boo-rek-ee]	£	4.95
Our handmade filo parcels filled with ground beef and feta, rounded off with a hint of cumin and paprika. (399kcal)	 	
Grilled Aubergine with Tabouleh [v] [vg] NEW	£	4.50
Chargrilled aubergine served warm with a cold tabouleh salad of Corinthian sultanas and roasted pine nuts. (601kcal)	 	
Salt Cod	£	6.00
Fresh cod, home-cured then dipped in beer batter and fried. (346kcal)	 	
Chargrilled Chicken Wings NEW	£	4.95
Four succulent chicken wings coated in our homemade dukkah - a spicy mix of ground, dry roasted nuts and seeds. (1173kcal)	 	
Grilled Halloumi [ha-loo-mee] (V)	£	4.75
Succulent grilled halloumi with a garnish of charred red peppers. (151kcal)