The Real Greek - Westfield Stratford City

Overlooking the magnificent Olympic Stadium, The Real Greek Westfield Stratford City serves sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine within the magnificent shopping centre development. Blending retro charm and a gritty urban edge, The Real Greek Stratford is reminiscent of a quaint Greek taverna, filled with glossy marble and expanses of dark polished wood.

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Unit R1005
2 Chestnut Plaza
Westfield Stratford City Montfichet Road
E20 1GL
Restaurant Style(s)
Modern Restaurant
Restaurant Cuisine(s)
Open Hours
Monday to Saturday: 12:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 22:00.
Average Price for Meal
Average Price for Main Course

Special Offers

Christmas set menu, is valid from 11th November 2019 until 5th January 2020 at all The Real Greek Restaurants. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer / promotion, cannot be discounted. Book this offer

Filoxenia Dinner Menu £12.95pp, is available Sunday - Thursday from 5pm. The Filoxenia Dinner menu also includes Vegan options.This Filoxenia Dinner Menu cannot be discounted.*Greek Salad will be regular size in the Sides & Salads section. Book this offer



Olives (V) (VG) 	£ 	2.50
The ideal Mediterranean nibble, whilst you decide what to order. (317kcal)

Athenian Mixed Nuts (V) (VG) 	£ 	2.50
Roasted and salted pistachios, almonds and walnuts. (479kcal)

Greek Flatbred with Olive Oil & Dukkah (V) 	£ 	2.50
Our twist on an Eastern Mediterranean classic. To experience this dish the traditional way, dip flatbread in olive oil, followed by our homemade Dukkah - a spicy mix of ground, dry roasted nuts and seeds. (538kcal)

Meze [meh-zeh]
Small savoury dishes in the Real Greek tradition ? best enjoyed with hot flatbread or our crudités.

Cold Meze
Greek Flatbread (V) 	£ 	2.45
Light, moist and incredibly moreish, the authentic Greek classic. (615kcal)

Crudités [cru-di-tay] (V) (VG) 	£ 	2.15
Fresh-cut carrot, celery and cucumber, perfect with one of our homemade dips. (37kcal)
Beetroot, Feta & Lentil NEW 	£ 	4.25
Green lentils, beetroot, red onion and feta in our tangy lemon dressing. (308kcal)
Taramasalata [tara-ma-salata] 	£ 	4.15
Rich, creamy and made fresh every day with naturally smoked undyed cod roe. (913kcal)
Hummus [hum-us] (V) (VG) 	£ 	4.15
Our daily home blend, rich in tahini and delicately spiced with cumin and fresh chilli. (298 kcal)

Tzatziki [tat-zee-kee] (V) 	£
Cool and tangy Greek yoghurt with chopped cucumber, garlic and fresh mint. (163kcal)

Htipiti [hit-ee-pit-ee] 	£ 	4.15
Real Greek feta dip coarsely chopped with roasted red peppers and red onions. (305kcal)

Green Bean, Chickpea & Spinach [v] [vg] NEW 	£ 	4.25
A refreshing meze of green beans, chickpeas, spinach and feta dressed in our fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. (370kcal)
Revithia [v] [vg] NEW 	£ 	4.15
Baby chickpeas with handfuls of herbs, olive oil and lemon. (286kcal)

[melit-zano-salata] (V) (VG) 	£ 	4.15
A light and fragrant blend of smoked aubergine, garlic, shallots and lemon. (236kcal)

Gigandes Plaki
[gig-and-ees pla-ki] (V) (VG) 	£ 	4.15
Hearty giant beans, slow-cooked by our chefs in a rich and herby tomato sauce. (183kcal)

Watermelon, Mint & Feta NEW 	£ 	4.25
Refreshing watermelon, fresh mint and feta on a bed of leaves dressed simply with olive oil and white balsamic and finished with pomegranate seeds. (102kcal)

Tabouleh Salad [ta-boo-lay] (V) 	£ 	4.15
A refreshing salad of rocket, parsley, mint, cucumbers, tomatoes, Macedonian chillies and preserved lemon in an extra virgin olive oil, honey and Kozanis saffron dressing. (117kcal)

Dolmades [dol-ma-dez] (V) (VG) 	£ 	4.25
Daily hand-wrapped vine leaves with our unique rice, herb, pine nut and Corinthian sultana filling. (254kcal)

Hot Meze
Tiger Prawns with Garlic & Chilli NEW 	£ 	6.25
Simple but scrumptious, tiger prawns marinated in a garlic and chilli butter. (92kcal)

Grilled Octopus 	£ 	6.00
Beautifully tender octopus tossed in olive oil, garlic and Greek mountain oregano. (447kcal)

Tahini Keftedes NEW 	£ 	6.00
Handmade British lamb patties grilled and served with a tahini sauce. (227kcal)

Tiropitakia [tiro-pi-takia] 	£ 	4.75
Our filo pastry parcels with creamy leek, spinach and feta filling, handmade daily. (416kcal)

Lamb Kefte [kef-ter] 	£ 	5.35
Best British lamb, minced, skewered and marinated with aromatic Anatolian spices. (344kcal)

Grilled Kalamari 	£ 	6.00
Our own unique version, using the freshest squid and a sticky Greek honey and paprika marinade. (286kcal)


Grilled succulent Farm Assured British meat or halloumi, skewered with onions and peppers, marinated and served on a bed of leaves. Choose from...
Chicken (177kcal) 	£ 	4.95
Pork (281kcal) 	£ 	4.95
Lamb (255kcal) 	£ 	5.45
Halloumi [ha-loo-mee] (118kcal) (V)
	£ 	5.00

Bifteki [bif-tek-ee] 	£ 	5.95
Light and succulent British beef patties handmade with spring onion and served with minted yoghurt. (252kcal)

Grilled Asparagus [v] NEW 	£ 	4.00
A real seasonal treat, dressed with olive oil, Greek honey and Kozanis saffron. (140kcal)

Lamb Cutlets 	£ 	6.95
Sweet and succulent British lamb grilled with Greek mountain thyme. (881kcal)

Boureki [boo-rek-ee] 	£ 	4.95
Our handmade filo parcels filled with ground beef and feta, rounded off with a hint of cumin and paprika. (399kcal)

Grilled Aubergine with Tabouleh [v] [vg] NEW 	£ 	4.50
Chargrilled aubergine served warm with a cold tabouleh salad of Corinthian sultanas and roasted pine nuts. (601kcal)

Salt Cod 	£ 	6.00
Fresh cod, home-cured then dipped in beer batter and fried. (346kcal)

Chargrilled Chicken Wings NEW 	£ 	4.95
Four succulent chicken wings coated in our homemade dukkah - a spicy mix of ground, dry roasted nuts and seeds. (1173kcal)

Grilled Halloumi [ha-loo-mee] (V) 	£ 	4.75
Succulent grilled halloumi with a garnish of charred red peppers. (151kcal)

Drinks & Wine lists

Belstar Prosecco
Italy (NV)
gls 125ml
	  	btl 750ml 	£22.95
Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Yellow
Champagne (NV)
btl 750ml 	£48.95
Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Rosé
Champagne (NV)
btl 750ml 	£58.95
Veuve Cliquot Vintage 'Rich'
Champagne (2002)
btl 750ml 	£68.95
White Wines
Ymnos ? Dry White Cretan Regional Wine
Greece (NV)
Quality - which over delivers a richness in fruit and texture rarely seen at 'entry level' anywhere.
gls 175ml 	£4.00 	
gls 250ml
	500ml 	£11.35
	btl 750ml 	£15.50
Creta Olympias Winery Retsina
Greece (NV)
Traditional country wine flavoured with pine resin - or as legend suggests 'the tears of the wood nymph'.
gls 175ml 	£4.55 	
gls 250ml
	500ml 	£12.85
  	btl 750ml 	£17.50
Silenus 'Beta' White (Vilana)
Greece (2009/10)
Excellent wine, almost Verdelho-ish in style. Ripe, citrussy and elegant with length that requires a sun lounger.
gls 175ml 	£4.95 	
gls 250ml
	500ml 	£13.95
  btl 750ml 	£18.95
San...torini - Santorini Assyrtiko
Greece (2009)
Top quality from the rich volcanic soils of Santorini - rich mineral, complex - eat your heart out Burgundy!
btl 750ml 	£30.95
Alisos Pinot Grigio / Riesling
Brazil (2010)
Everyone loves a Pinot Grigio & everyone loves a brazilian... this will keep everyone happy!
btl 750ml 	£21.95
Spy Valley Savignon Blanc
New Zealand (2010)
Classic Kiwi - zippy, zesty, gooseberry & grapefruit from the famous Marlborough region.
btl 750ml 	£25.95
Acacia Tree Chenin Black/Colombard
South Africa (2010/11)
Easy drinking melon bomb from the Western Cape - fruity.
gls 175ml 	£4.45 	
gls 250ml
	500ml 	£12.45
  	btl 750ml 	£16.95
Valdivieso Sauvignon Blanc NEW
Chile (2010)
Vibrant lime & ripe capsicum - nectarine and currants.
Long Dry, invigorating (and made by a Kiwi!)..
gls 175ml 	£5.50 	
gls 250ml
	500ml 	£15.35
	btl 750ml 	£20.95
D'Arenberg 'Stump Jump' Chardonnay
Australia (2009)
Wack, quirky and incredibly approachable - can be said for all d'Arenberg wines! Chardonnay as it should be.
  	  btl 750ml 	£22.95
Rosé Wines
Petit Papillon Grenache Rosé
France (2009/10)
Forest cherries and raspberries with just a hint of fragrant jasmine and thyme - lip smacking.
btl 750ml 	£17.95

Mediterra Rosé
Greece (2009/10)
Jam-packed with strawberry fruit - feel good wine
gls 175ml 	£5.25 	
gls 250ml
	500ml 	£14.65
  btl 750ml 	£19.95
Red Wines
Ymnos ? Dry Red Cretan Regional Wine
Greece (NV)
Overachieving, holiday enhancing, well balanced and quaffable.
gls 175ml 	£4.00 	
gls 250ml
	500 ml 	£11.35
  btl 750ml 	£15.50
Silenus Kappa Sigma Shiraz/Kotsifali
Greece (2009/10)
Ripe, plummy wild blackberries and textured, slightly spicy Syrah make this wine worthy of a place on any list.
gls 175ml 	£4.95 	
gls 250ml
	500 ml 	£13.95
  btl 750ml 	£18.95
'Red on Black' Agiorgitiko
Greece (2009)
Family-farmed since 1913... Intense red plum, cinnamon, leather and spicy wood smoke - something akin to the Tempranillo's made famous in Rioja.
	btl 750ml 	£21.95
Antama Organic Cabernet/Kotsifali
Greece (2008)
A staggeringly good blend of the indigenous Kotsifali and well known, approachable Cabernet Sauvignon - go on, you're worth it!
 btl 750ml 	£29.95
Mitravelas Estate Nemea Red
Greece (2006)
On the list by merit - top quality with awards to show for it. 30 year old vines, hand picked, 12 months in French oak, 6 months in cellar before release ... Wow this is something seriously good.
btl 750ml 	£33.95
Alto Bajo Merlot
Chile (2010)
Deep velvety red colour, with rich mulberry and oak aromas on the nose. Packed with dark chocolate and cassis...
gls 175ml 	£4.55 	
gls 250ml
	500 ml 	£12.85
  btl 750ml 	£17.50
Piripo Shiraz / Malbec
Argentina (2010)
Malbec and meat go together - simple! Dark, chocolaty and rich.
gls 175ml 	£4.70 	
gls 250ml
	500 ml 	£13.20
	btl 750ml 	£17.95
Deakin Estate Artisans Blend Cabernet/Tempanillo
Autralia (2008)
Something quirky from Victoria - blackcurrenty Cabernet meets spiced plum Tempranillo - and hits it off instantly.
gls 175ml 	£5.25 	
gls 250ml
	500 ml 	£14.65
	btl 750ml 	£19.95
Alamos Seleccion Pinot Noir NEW
Argentina (2009/10)
Easy drinking Pinot Noir from the high altitude, high value area of Mendoza - richly concentrated.
	btl 750ml 	£23.95
Dessert Wines
Mavrodaphne Sweet Red
Greece (NV)
Deep dark and sweet - rich dried prunes and chocolate - great on ice
gls 125ml
	btl 700ml 	£14.95
San....torini - Vin Santo
Greece 2005
Naturally sweet, sun dried grapes - nectar of the gods in our opinion - amazing wine.
	btl 500ml 	£27.95
Beers & Cider
Pilsner Urquell 	1/2 Pint 	£ 2.40
  	Pint 	£ 4.25
Mythos 	btl 330ml 	£ 3.40
Peroni 	btl 330ml 	£ 3.40
Savanna Cider 	btl 330ml 	£3.50
Mineral Water Still or Sparkling.
	750ml 	£ 3.75
Freshly Squeezed Juices
Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Lemon 	£ 3.00
Soft Drinks
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Ginger Beer.