Chiquito - Nottingham - Cornerhouse

'South of the border' passion is always served up at Chiquito. A menu of bold Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine is prepared however the diner likes it. Burritos, sizzling fajitas and tacos can all be customised for vegetarians or those wanting more spice. A kids menu, games and entertainment add to the family-friendly vibe, and there is a great range of exciting cocktails, mocktails, wines and tequilas.

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The Corner House
Burton Street
Restaurant Style(s)
Modern Restaurant
Restaurant Cuisine(s)
Tex Mex
Open Hours
Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 22:30
Average Price for Meal
Average Price for Main Course

Credit Cards Taken
All Major Credit Cards

Special Offers

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Tempting Starters

Garlic Flatbread
With or without melted cheese
Nachos for One 
An individual portion of hand-cut tortilla chips with chilli con queso & melted cheese, jalapeño peppers, guacamole, sour cream & salsa
Chilli Poppers 
Three breaded jalapeños filled with cream cheese & served with chilli jelly 
Topped with melted cheese, choose from black bean & sweetcorn salsa or BBQ pulled pork, onions & peppers
con Queso
Baked with garlic, cheese & anchochilli-tomato sauce. Served with oven-baked flatbread
Aztec Tomato Soup 
Tomato soup spiced with warming green jalapeño chillies
Chicken Wings
Glazed with your favourite sauce, choose from: 
Smoky BBQ
Honey & Lime Jerk
Louisiana Hot
Yucatan Volcano

Classic Salads
Southwest Caesar 
Lettuce, classic Caesar dressing, toasted sourdough croutons & Italian hard cheese
Southwest Chicken 
Caesar Salad 
Lettuce, classic Caesar dressing, toasted sourdough croutons & Italian hard cheese topped with roasted chicken breast
Goats Cheese & 
Sweet Potato Salad 
With mixed leaves, carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish & pumpkin seeds, with our signature pomegranate & hibiscus dressing

Succulent chicken breast on the bone & basted with your choice of sauce. 
1. Choose your sauce
Glazed with your favourite sauce, choose from:
Smoky BBQ
Honey & Lime Jerk
Louisiana Hot
Yucatan Volcano 
2. Choose how 
you?d like your
chicken served
With green rice, Mexican spiced rice, black bean & sweetcorn salsa
With skin-on fries, onion rings & coleslaw

Mexican Cantina

Mexico favourites 
Two easy steps to create your own taste of Mexico 
1. Choose your style of dish 
Two rolled corn tortillas filled with chilli con queso, ancho-chilli-tomato sauce & your choice of filling, baked on a bed of Mexican spiced rice & topped with melted cheese

Fried flour tortilla parcel filled with your choice of filling, Mexican spiced rice, refried beans, chilli con queso & melted cheese. Served with sour cream, guacamole & salsa
Soft Tacos
Two soft tacos filled with your choice of filling, lettuce, cheese & Mexican spiced rice with salsa on the side
2. THEN choose your filling 
Veggie Chilli
Beef Chilli
Spicy Chicken 
Mexican Style
Our lighter Mexican Style Burritos are made with a spinach tortilla packed with your choice of filling & refried beans. Served with green rice & salsa

North of the Border

Cajun Fish Sandwich
Hoki fillet, a firm white fish coated in Cajun spices, served in a soft white bun with lettuce & chipotle mayo. Served with skin-on fries
Smokin? Texan Chilli Hot Dog 
A foot-long dog! Pork frankfurter sausage, soft sub roll, roasted onions, jalapeño peppers, smoked chilli ketchup, with skin-on fries. If you prefer it plain, please ask!
Chiquito?s Classico Burger 
Beefburger with dill pickle in a soft, white bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion & relish ? served with skin-on fries. With or without melted cheese
Border Wrap
A soft flour tortilla filled with strips of crispy crumb-coated Southern fried chicken, lettuce, ranch dressing & smoky BBQ sauce. Served with a side salad or skin-on fries
Bandido? Chilli Bean Burger 
Veggie bean burger with spicy veggie five bean chilli, jalapeños, melted cheese, relish & sour cream. Served with skin-on fries
Roasted Veggies & 
Goats Cheese Wrap 
A spinach tortilla filled with roasted veggies, refried beans, spinach & goats cheese. Served with a side salad or skin-on fries

£1.49 each 
Skin-on Fries
Mexican Spiced Rice
Green Rice
House Side Salad 

BAJA Bowls
Soft flour tortilla lined bowl with a ranch dressed salad, cherry tomatoes, black bean & sweetcorn salsa, Mexican spiced & green rice
Choose from:
BBQ Orange Pepper Grilled Pork 
Spicy Chicken 
Roasted Veggies & Goats Cheese 

Chiquito Favourites
Chilli con Carne 
Spicy beef & bean chilli with Mexican spiced rice 
Veggie Five Bean Chilli 
Spicy veggie five bean chilli with Mexican spiced rice 
Pollo del Fuego... ?Fiery Chicken!? 
RED HOT! Grilled guajillo-chilli-marinated chicken breast, Mexican spiced rice, fajita roasted veggies & cooling sour cream 

Mahi Mahi 
A firm, white fish, baked & topped with a mango & mild chilli glaze. Served with roasted veggies & Mexican spiced rice 
?Lazy Boy? BBQ Pork Quesadilla 
Filled with BBQ pulled pork, melted cheese & served with green rice 
Pronounced Chee-lah-kee-less.
Spicy chicken & ancho-chilli-tomato sauce with crushed corn tortillas. Served on a bed of Mexican spiced rice, topped with melted cheese & sour cream 

New favourites... 
Preston (General Manager) 
Favourite Dish on the New menu: 
Pollo del Fuego
"I like the spice flavours which are unique, and when it gets a bit too spicy for me there is some sour cream there to help me out" 
Favourite Dish on the New menu: 
Chilli Poppers
"The Jalapeno poppers are by far the best, I am glad to see the Jalapeno jelly back. Please never get rid of these"