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The Artisan Grill Menu has been specially created by our Executive Head Chef Michael Penn who has previously opened restaurants in Novotel Tower Bridge, London Excel and the new Novotel Canary Warf, and Sous Chef Jan Vhynalek who also has a wealth of experience from prestigious restaurants in London and Prague. The Menu is a mixture of succulent meat, fresh fish and vegetarian dishes all sourced from the UK.

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Novotel London West
One Shortlands
W6 8DR
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Steaks & Grills
Open Hours
Monday to Saturday: 12:00 - 15:00 & 17:00 - 22:30
Sunday: 17:00 - 22:30.
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Green Olives £2
Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Dattarini Tomato Wrap £3
Homemade Sour Dough Bread, Garlic Butter and Tomato Salsa £3
Sta rters
Duck Egg and Portobello Mushroom Benedict £7
Truffled Celeriac Cappuccino, Mushroom and Tarragon £5
Roasted Sweetbreads, Black Pudding and Baby Apples £8
Crayfish, Avocado and Mango Cocktail, Lime Emulsion £7
Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Marinated Dattarini Tomatoes and Prosciutto £9
Antipasti Platter for 2 £15
A selection of Continental Smoked and Cured Meats,
Marinated Vegetables, Olives and Freshly Baked Breads

35 Day Aged Creekstone Corn Fed Striploin Steak (12oz / 340gr) £26
28 Day Aged Angus Beef Sirloin Steak (10oz / 300gr) £24
25 Day Aged Hereford Rib Eye Cutlet (12oz / 340gr) £23
21 Day Aged Casterbridge Rump Steak (10oz / 300gr) £21
Homemade Beef Burger (10oz / 300gr) £9
Cornish Lamb Cannon (7oz / 210gr) £20
Pork Chop (10oz / 300gr) £15
Milk Fed Veal Cutlet (10oz / 300gr) £22
Sustainably Caught Swordfish Steak (10oz / 300gr) £21
Scottish Salmon Cutlet (8oz / 240gr) £21
Whole Plaice (10oz / 300gr) £22
Large Marinated Tiger Prawns £24
Whole Baby Sea Bass £19
All Main Courses except the Homemade Beef Burger are served with following condiments:
Chilli Jam, Spicy Tomato Compote, Béarnaise, Red Onion Jam and Maple Bourbon Relish

Goats Cheese Tortellini, Red Onion Jam and White Balsamic £13
Risotto of Gorgonzola and Apple £12
Grilled Vegetable Stack £12

£2 each or two for £3
Wild Mushrooms
Green Beans, Garlic and Shallots
Sautéed Spinach
Mashed Potato
Chunky Chips with Sea Salt and Aioli
Baby Leaves
Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion and Parsley

Chocolate Fondant
Homemade Bitter Chocolate Sponge served with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream £6
Italian Lemon Cheesecake
Homemade Lemon Cheesecake £6
Coffee, Mascarpone and Savoradi Biscuit £6
Poached Pear
Poached Pear, Hazelnut Madeleine and Vanilla Ice Cream £6
Pecan Tart
Crispy Sweet Pastry, Caramelised Pecans, Toffee Parfait £6

Any three selections from the following £9
Cheese Description
Oxford Isis A ripening washrind cow's milk cheese washed in mead, giving a pungent sticky rind
Petit Munster A washrind cow's milk cheese from the Alsace. Washed in brine, encouraging a
strong-smelling but soft rind
Taleggio A square of mild creamy gooey cow's milk cheese from the Val Taleggio in Northern
Italy, the Taleggio ripens over time, increasing its sweetness
Cashel Blue A succulent cow's milk blue cheese from Cashel in Tipperary. Ripened for up to four
months, making it sweeter and softer
Roquefort A magnificent sheep's milk blue cheese from the village of Roquefort sur Soulzon.
Aged for up to six months in the vast cave system under the village, becoming strong,
sweet and salty
Torta di Gorgonzola A sandwich of piquant gorgonzola and sweet mascarpone. Seriously creamy, it has
become an Italian classic
Mull of Kintyre A fine mature cheddar from the Cambletown creamery on the remote Kintyre
peninsula in the west of Scotland
Pecorino Sardo A firm sheep's milk cheese from Sardinia providing a sweet, nutty flavour
Gubbeen A semi-soft, washrind cheese from County Cork in Ireland, Gubbeen has a lovely mild,
buttery taste
Brillat Savarin A triple-cream cheese made all year round, mainly in Normandy, Brillat Savarin is a
great accompaniment to Pale Ales and Champagne
Tomme de Savoie A semi-soft cheese with a thick grey rind, it is matured for about 10 weeks to help to
create a wonderful array of different flavours
Manchego Spain's best-known ewe's milk cheese, it remains relatively sweet and mild at any age
with a slightly nutty, salty taste
St Maure Touraine This cheese is matured for two to four weeks and has a fresh, tangy and nutty flavour
with a smooth texture
Wigmore A brie-style cheese, it is made in Berkshire with ewe's milk and vegetarian rennet, and
has a lovely, mild and creamy flavour
Lords of Hundreds Made in the heart of East Sussex, this is a lovely ewe's milk cheese. It is fully matured
to a dry, nutty flavour with an almost Parmesan-like hard texture

Menus are accurate at the time of publication. All menus are subject to change and/or withdrawal without notice.
Please ask when ordering about special dietary requirements and allergies as some dishes may contain traces of nuts.