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Walk through the doors of Las Iguanas and find yourself transported to Latin America, full of rich, vibrant colours, quirky features and custom-made wooden mosaic tables made especially for the restaurant from sustainable woods in Brazil. Each restaurant is unique and the staff love bringing unusual things back from their travels, ranging from large lobster sculptures to giant drums. The philosophy of Las Iguanas is to serve delicious and authentic Latin American food and drink in an environment which evokes the very best of Latin life. With recipes dating back to the 16th century, the food successfully fuses native Latin American Indian, Spanish, Portuguese and African influences. Working hard to ensure that everything comes from the best possible source, Las Iguanas is proud of its fresh GM free food and top quality ingredients.

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Riverside, The Oracle
Restaurant Style(s)
Modern Restaurant
Restaurant Cuisine(s)
South American
Open Hours
Monday to Thursday: 12:00 - 23:00
Friday & Saturday: 12:00 - 23:30
Sunday: 12:00 to 22:30
Average Price for Meal
Average Price for Main Course

Special Offers

T&cs apply please check menu for full details. Available for parties of 6+ Book this offer

T&Cs apply please check menu for full details. Over 18's only. Book this offer

Menu available Sunday - Thursday from 6:30pm. We may need to change or withdraw this menu from time-to-time due to local events Book this offer

Choose a starter and a main from the set menu and enjoy with unlimited Prosecco or Brahma beer. Please note you have 2 hours on your table. Full t&cs apply. Over 18's only. Book this offer

Choose a starter and a main from the set menu and enjoy with unlimited Prosecco or Brahma beer. Please note you have 2 hours on your table. Full t&cs apply. Over 18's only. Book this offer



Home baked ciabatta & crusty wholemeal bread with plump Peruvian olives in a spicy marinade
Hand cut, crispy corn tortilla chips, dusted with our own blend of paprika, cumin & coriander,
with your choice of fresh homemade salsa, guacamole or soured cream
PAN AJILLO Toasted ciabatta rubbed with garlic, herb & chilli butter 2.90

NACHOS (v) 4.90
Home cooked corn tortilla chips smothered with melted mozzarella, cheddar & red leicester
topped with jalapeños, salsa, soured cream & guacamole. Add a topping: *each 1.60
Refried beans (v), Mixed mushrooms (v), Chilli con carne, Pork chorizo or Chicken
SEVICHE (gf) 4.90
Seared Yellowfin tuna, crayfish, mussels & shrimp with fresh orange, basil, sliced black olives
& cucumber salad in a citrus dressing
Smoked pork & garlic chorizo made by fifth generation butchers from Rioja, braised in rich
Faustino Rioja wine, served with bread to mop up the juices
GAMBAS (ask for gf) 4.90
Four fat, fiery prawns, split & cooked in lemon, chilli & tomato sauce, served with bread
Two homemade little crispy pasties; popular street food all over South America. Stuffed with
slow-braised juicy lamb rubbed in smoky chilli & garlic, served with fresh papaya & mint salsa
BOLINHOS Flaked white fish, potato & parsley balls, with sticky balsamic & homemade salsa 4.50
MUSSELS (ask for gf) 4.90
A steaming bowl of mussels in a tomato, smoked jalapeño & half fat crème fraîche sauce,
served with bread
PATO TAQUITO Shredded roast duck rolled in a flour tortilla & char-grilled, with sticky chilli jam 4.90
ENSALADA PALMITO (v) (gf) 4.50
South American palm hearts, iron-rich baby spinach & rocket tossed in a lovely tangy
passionfruit & red pepper vinaigrette
CALAMARES Sliced whole baby squid in our crisped cassava crumb, with creamy aioli 4.90
Hand folded tortilla toasted on the char-grill, Mexican-style. Filled with your choice of:
Brie & mango or Garlicky portobello mushroom & cheese
Fresh chicken breast, coated in crispy crumbed cassava, with a fiery garlic, chilli & lemon sauce
CHAMPIÑONES (v) Button mushrooms in a creamy smoked chilli sauce, served with tortillas 3.90

TAPAS SHARING DEAL 3 DISHES for 12.00 or 5 DISHES for 20.00

VERDURAS (v) 12.50
Corn chips, Brie & mango quesadilla, Pan ajillo, Beetroot & quinoa salad, Champiñones
& Ensalada palmito
MIXTO 12.50
Corn chips, Calamares, Bolinhos, Portobello quesadilla, Chilli con carne & Peri-peri pollo
15 fat, fiery prawns, split & cooked in lemon, chilli & tomato sauce, served with bread

Our renowned fajitas are cooked to order in our own blend of coriander, lime, paprika & a touch of
cumin and come sizzling to your table
Shiitake, portobello & oyster mushrooms, blue cheese guacamole & salsa (v) (c) 10.50
Chicken breast strips, creamy guacamole & salsa (c) 12.50
Flame-grilled sirloin steak, horseradish guacamole & salsa Criollo 13.50
Barbary duck breast, creamy guacamole & spiced plum salsa 13.50
Stuffed tortilla parcel, baked & served with a chunky cucumber, baby tomato & crisp leaf salad drizzled
with a lemon, dill & mustard dressing
Roast salmon, spinach & coriander rice 6.90
Shredded beef, mushrooms & coriander rice 6.90
Hand rolled tortillas smothered in a homemade smoked chilli & tomato sauce with melted cheese,
served with refried black beans & garlic coriander rice
Roast butternut squash, iron-rich spinach & chick peas (v) 7.90
Spiced chicken, sweet bell peppers & cheese 8.90
Roast duck & caramelised onion 9.50
Crisp, handmade tortilla parcel; a Mexican favourite, served with homemade salsa, guacamole, soured
cream, garlic & coriander rice & refried black beans
Roast squashes, courgette & cheese (v) 7.90
Spiced chicken breast & cheese 8.90
FROM THE CHAR-GRILL (ask for gf)
Simply seasoned & flame-grilled, served with Chunky cumin-roast butternut squash & sweet potato or
Spinach & parmesan salad, & your choice of Latin dip
Half a slow-roast Farm Assured spring chicken 8.50
Fresh chicken breast (c) 8.50
Juicy lamb rump 12.50
Fresh sirloin steak from Uruguay, aged on the bone for at least 21 days (8oz) 14.50
Paella rice from Valencia in a sofrito of tomato, garlic, saffron, onion, peppers & cayenne
Butternut, asparagus & portobello mushroom (v) (c) 8.90
Chicken, smoked pork & garlic chorizo, squid, salmon, tiger prawn & mussels (c) 10.50
CORDERO (gf) 12.50
Lamb rump with a parsley & coriander rub, roasted & served with a fresh papaya & mint
salsa, little saffron potatoes & seasonal greens tossed in melted garlic & chilli butter
Argentinean topside beef burger with melted mozzarella & smoked paprika mayo
in a toasted bun, with your choice of fries or salad
SEABASS (gf) 13.50
Whole seabass roasted with a caperberry, black olive & lemon salsa on a hot skillet. Served
with little saffron potatoes & seasonal greens tossed in garlic & chilli butter on the side

Brazilian Dishes
MOQUECA (n) (ask for gf)
Traditional & indulgent; a creamy coconut curry with peppers, garlic & sweetened with tomatoes, made
popular by Brazilian Chef Dada. Served with rice, sweet chunks of plantain, spicy salsa & crunchy
coconut farofa (toasted manioc flour) to sprinkle over
Sweet potato, palm hearts & sugar snap peas (v) (c) 8.60
Salmon (c) 10.60
XINXIM (n) (ask for gf) (c) 10.00
Brazilian lime chicken in a creamy crayfish & peanut sauce with rice, fine green beans,
coconut farofa (toasted manioc flour) to sprinkle & sweet plantain, said to be Pele's favourite
Fresh haddock, fat Chilean blue mussels in their shells, crayfish tails in a light, fragrant
saffron & coconut broth with little new potatoes, cannelloni beans & baby tomatoes
We found this in Brazil! Arborio rice cooked in wine, parsley & parmesan, drizzled with chilli oil
Palm heart, asparagus & artichoke (v) 7.50
Salmon, mussel, prawn & haddock 7.90

Chunky beetroot, cucumber, escarole & endive leaves tossed with a fresh orange & basil leaf
dressing around a mound of quinoa (a couscous-style low GI grain) & citrus raisins
Torn romaine lettuce topped with creamy garlic dressing & crunchy croutons, flame-grilled
chicken breast & sprinkled with parmesan shavings
Torn mackerel fillet over a tossed salad of chunky cucumber & romaine, escarole & radicchio
leaves with black olives in a lemon & dill dressing, scattered with crunchy seeds
ATUN (gf) 8.50
Yellowfin tuna steak, char-grilled, over peppery rocket, radicchio, tomatoes, fine green beans
& quinoa (a South American high protein grain) tossed in a fresh orange, olive oil & basil dressing

MANGO & PASSIONFRUIT CHEESECAKE (a) with mango & caipirinha sauce 4.50
CHOCOLATE BANOFFEE PIE Gooey chocolate over banana, drizzled with toffee sauce 4.50
SUMMERBERRIES (gf) Strawberries, blueberries & raspberries & half fat crème fraîche 4.50
IPANEMA MESS (gf) Layers of sweet guava, creamy mascarpone & crushed meringue 3.90
CHOCOLATE BOURBON TOFFEE CRUNCH (a) (n) Served with raspberry purée 4.50
AZTEC CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Warmed spiced chocolate orange sponge cake 4.50
TOFFEE & MACADAMIA NUT CHEESECAKE (n) Served with cajeta sauce 4.50
FRESH PINEAPPLE (n) (gf) & coconut ice cream with cajeta sauce 3.90
NEW ICE CREAM Green & Blacks chocolate or Häagen-Dazs dulce de leche or Sorbets 4.50