inamo is a pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar providing delicious cuisine and timely service in a warm and vibrant atmosphere, where control of the dining experience is placed firmly in your hands. inamo's innovation is the interactive ordering system. You will have a touch-sensitive panel with the illustrated menus projected onto the table surface. Order when you want, get your bill when you want, and call a waiter at the touch of a button. The inamo experience is infused with charm and theatre by features such as setting the ambience (customising your table-top), viewing live images from the kitchen, playing games, even ordering a taxi. Presiding over the menu is Alexander Ziverts (ex-Cocoon, Eight over Eight, and E&O), one of the country's finest Oriental fusion chefs who brings world-class experience and finesse to inamo. Alex's menu combines Asian influences and flavours to create dishes that are both original and tasty!

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134-136 Wardour Street
Restaurant Style(s)
Bar & Restaurant
Restaurant Cuisine(s)
Open Hours
Monday to Friday: 17:00 - 23:30
Saturday: 12:00 - 00:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 22:30.

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smaller dishes

Hamachi with Soy Mirin Truffle		£6.50
thin cut hamachi in soy mirin and truffle oil

Wild Boar Rolls						£6.50
rolled with enoki mushrooms, asparagus & moromi miso vinaigrette

Truffle Marbled Beef 					£7.95
thin slices with truffle vinaigrette & crispy garlic and mixed cress

Oysters		 					£2.00
a single oyster with lemon ponzu, fresh kizame wasabi and spicy tobiko

Spinach and Mushroom Parcels (V) (N)			£6.00
with sesame dressing

Alaskan King Crab					£14.00
this highly sought after luxury dish is served as a small portion in the shell

Baby Pork Ribs 						£6.00
braised in xo sauce, and served with pea sauce

Thai Beef Salad						£6.50
inamo's take on a classic thai dish with a tangy chilli som tam dressing

Nigiri Set						£9.50
2 pieces each of hamachi, salmon, and tuna nigiri 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (V)				£6.50
served with lettuce, herbs & sweet chilli dip

Kelp Marinated Sea Bass		£5.50
4 pieces of sea bass sashimi marinated in kelp and served with shiso & soy

Baby Crispy Prawns		£7.00
lightly battered served with a thai mango relish

Sea Bass Salad		£7.00
with mixed cress and lemon ponzu

Chicken Betel Leaf		£6.50
shredded chicken, apple, herbs & chilli 

Seared Scallops						£6.50
thinly sliced with a yuzu & wasabi dressing

Crispy Silky Tofu (V)					£5.00
with spring onion, daikon and shitake mushrooms

Soft Shell Crab Maki Rolls					£6.50
crispy soft shell crab, chilli mayonnaise, with avocado and chives - 5 pieces

Unagi Nigiri						£5.50
3 pieces of eel nigiri sushi

Seafood Gyoza						£4.50
served with a yuzu dressing - gyoza are a type of japanese dumplings

Sashimi Salad 						£7.00
chef's selection of fresh sashimi salad with pickled fennel and yuzu vinaigrette 

Sushi 3 Way		£7.00
2 types of new style nigiri sushi and 4 pieces of salt beef maki		

Salmon and Avocado Ceviche 				£6.00
diced salmon and avocado in a marinated citrus and chilli salad

Tuna Tartare 	    £5.25
chopped tuna, sesame, herbs, truffle & soy - try mixing in the raw quail's egg

Lobster Salad 						£9.50
with cress and ginger pomegranate dressing

Futo Maki (V)						£4.50
pickled cucumber, spinach, pickled daikon and yamagobo maki rolls - 4 pieces

larger dishes

Black Cod						£11.95
marinated with spicy miso			

Jungle Curry						£11.00
a northern thai dish of curried chicken and a selection of aubergines	

Hot Stone Rib Eye					£15.50
served on a hot stone with 3 sauces nam jim, soy, & truffle 

Sashimi Platter						£22.00
3 pieces each of tuna, hamachi, salmon, sea bass, sweet prawns - great to share

Mushroom Toban Yaki  (V)					£11.00
selection of mushrooms cooked in sake, soy, yuzu served in a ceramic hot dish

Duck Confit with Salad  					£13.95
duck leg served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce, and our unique salad 

Tiger King Prawns  					£10.50
grilled, with green nam jim 

Yuzu Mussels	  					£11.50
served with a lemon and yuzu sauce - inamo's take on a rare Chinese dish 

Shanghai Snapper  					£24.00
whole snapper served in a soy mirin and ginger sauce - ideal for sharing 

Thai Red Curry  (V) 					£8.50
butternut squash and seasonal vegetables

Berkshire Pork Neck					£11.50
with confit of apple, and a spicy chocolate sauce

Wagyu Bavette						£14.95
with shitake mushroom and hijiki seaweed. 

Cinnamon Chicken 					£13.50
crispy boned poussin, in korean chilli salts & cinnamon - served with fresh lime

Black Faced Lamb					£13.95
grilled, with moromi miso & kim chi

Seasonal Vegetables (V) 					£8.00
served with soy mirin

Kakiage  (V)	 					£7.50
vegetarian mixed tempura

side dishes

Edamame Beans (V)					£3.00
steamed soya beans with rock salt

Homemade Pickles (V)					£1.50
our chef's selection of homemade pickled vegetables

Rice (V)							£1.85
steamed rice served simply

Miso Soup						£2.75
a cloudy broth served with seaweed and tofu

Miso Soup (V)						£2.75
a vegetarian version of the cloudy broth served with seaweed and tofu

Snake Beans						£4.50
chopped and chargrilled with teriyaki sauce and cayenne pepper strands
Kai Lan in Black Bean Sauce (V)				£4.75
steamed with black bean sauce, crispy shallots & garlic

Crunchy Greens Salad (V)					£5.00
asparagus, sugar snap peas, edamame beans & sesame dressing

set menus

Lunch Set Menu						£12.50
cinnamon chicken, pickled purple aubergines, rice, edamame and miso soup - we aim to serve within 15 minutes (available for lunch only)

Vegetarian Lunch Set Menu (V)				£12.50
thai red curry, pickles, rice, edamame and vegetarian miso soup - we aim to serve within 15 minutes (available for lunch only)

Pre-Theatre Set Menu					£10.00
baby back ribs, kakiage, homemade pickles, rice and edamame (available from 3pm to 6.30pm only) - we aim to serve within 15 minutes

Vegetarian Pre-Theatre Set Menu (V)			£10.00
mushroom parcels, crispy tofu, kakiage, vegetarian miso soup, rice and edamame (available from 3pm to 6.30pm only) - we aim to serve within 15 minutes

Set Menu Select						£20.00
black cod, sashimi salad, crispy tofu, rice, edamame and miso soup - we aim to serve within 15 minutes

Set Menu Complete					£20.00
black face lamb, baby back ribs, salt beef maki rolls, rice, edamame and miso soup - we aim to serve within 15 minutes

Luxury Set Menu						£30.00
wagyu beef, crispy prawns, lobster salad, rice, edamame, miso soup and thai basil pana cotta dessert with coconut foam

Vegetarian Luxury Set Menu (V)				£30.00
seasonal vegetables, kakiage, crispy tofu, mushroom parcels, rice, edamame, vegetarian miso soup and thai basil pana cotta dessert with coconut foam


Vanilla Crème Brulee					£5.00
with strawberry & lemongrass jelly

Fresh Mango & Sticky Rice				£5.50
fresh mango with warm black sticky rice & homemade lime sorbet

Macaroon & White Chocolate Mousse			£5.00
pandan macaroon & yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse with lemongrass & coconut sorbet, and milk chocolate sauce

Chocolate Platter						£7.00
chocolate parfait with homemade kumquat marmalade, chocolate almond financier, pandan macaroon & yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse

Thai Basil Pana Cotta					£5.00
served with coconut foam, tropical fruits, and coconut tuile

Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet				£3.75
chef's daily choice of homemade ice cream or sorbet