La Passione

Situated in Kirkcaldy, La Passione is a small slice of Italy in Scotland making good use of its location by using the renowned local seafood in its mouth watering cuisine. The Italian chefs have more than 30 years of experience and serve a vast selection of both traditional and modern dishes, using only the best ingredients imported directly from Italy. Fresh monkfish wrapped in Parma ham is a local speciality and meat-eaters are equally catered for with a large selection of steaks and other meats. Vegetarians are not forgotten here and are invited to choose from a selection of pastas, pizzas and omelettes all created on the premises, using only the freshest ingredients. There is also an extensive wine list, which is almost exclusively Italian to impress even the most ardent connoisseurs, and a children's menu is currently in development.

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69 St Clair Street
Restaurant Style(s)
"Brasserie, Brasserie, Brasserie"
Restaurant Cuisine(s)
Open Hours
Monday to Saturday: 12:00 - 14:00 & 15:15 - 19:00
Sunday: 12:30 - 18:30.
Average Price for Meal
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Foccaccia					£2.55
Garlic Pizza Bread					
Foccacia Al Pomodoro e peperoncino			£2.75
Pizza bread with tomato, garlic and chilli 			
Foccaccia al Formaggio				£3.25
Pizza bread with garlic and mozzarella			
Bruschetta Romana				£3.25
Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato and basil		
Home made Bread and Butter			£1.85
Home made Garlic Bread				£2.10
Olive Nere					£1.95
Bruschetta Classica					£4.25
Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato and basil and		
topped with parma ham				
Bruschetta Di Verdure				£4.25
Toasted garlic bread with charcoal grilled vegetables		

			             Cold Starters	
Antipasto Classico					£6.95
Salmon, parma ham, dolcelatte and olives			
Caprese Romano					£5.25
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil			
Prosciutto E.Melone				£6.25
Parma ham and melon				
Insalata Tri Colore					£6.25
Advacado, mozzarella and fresh tomato			
Antipasto Dt mare					£6.65
Seafood salad					
Salmone Cartoccio					£6.45
Smoked salmon and prawns				
Antipasto Mare Di Monte				£6.95
Selected meat and fish				
Bresaola Classica					£6.85
Cured meat rochett and shaves gran padano 		
Avocado Con  Gambretti				£5.95
Advacado with prawns				
Coppa Gamberetti					£5.25
Prawn Cocktail					
Home made Pate                                                                     	£6.25
Served with crusty bread				
Garciofini Ingarroza				£6.25
Artichokes wrapped in parma ham drizzled with olive oil	

			              Hot Starters	
Cozze Alla Marinara				£6.25
Fresh mussels, garlic wine and tomato			
Melenzzane Parmiggiana                                                           	£5.65
Baked aubergine, tomato, mozzarellaand parmesan cheese	
Gamberoni Fantasia				£6.20
Breaded king prawns served with chilli dip			
Gramberoni Alla Griglia				£6.85
Grilled king prawns with garlic and lemon			
Asparagi Sorpresa					£5.65
Fresh asparagas, parma ham holladaise			
Funghi Ripiene					£5.50
Stuffed mushrooms with dolcelatte cheese			
Pesciolini Indiana					£4.50
Deep fried whitebait in spiced flour			
Crevette Alla Griglia                                                            	£6.95
Fresh crevette with garlic and lemon parsley		
Zuppa Di Vongole Capri				£5.95
Fresh clams soup capri style				
Zuppa Di Scampi					£5.10
Marino's own soup recipe				
Zuppa Di Asparagi					£3.15
Cream of asparagus soup				
Minestone Soup					£3.25
Fresh italian vegetable soup				
Straggiatella Soup					£3.00
Chicken stock, egg and cheee				

			              Pasta Dishes	
Lasagna Al Forno					£7.35
Homemade Lasgne					
Cannelloni Fiorentini (v)				£7.35
Homemade cannelloni ricotta and spinach			
Linguine Puttanesca				£6.85
Olives, capers, chilli, garlic,anchovies and tomato		
Spaghetti Allo Scoglio				£7.85
Rich fresh mussels and clams in a white wine and tomato sauce	
Spaghetti Carbonara				£7.15
Cream Sauce, bacon, egg and cheese			
Spaghetti Bolognese				£6.15
Homemade meat sauce				
Spaghetti Al Pomodoro (v)				£6.25
Fresh tomato and basil sauce				
Spaghetti Alle Cicale				£7.15
Fresh crevette, garlic, chilli and tomato sauce		
Spaghetti Turidou					£7.15
Tuna, olives, spiced sauce with a touch of chilli and tomato sauce	
Linguine Alle Vengole 				£7.15
Fresh clams, garlic wine and a touch of chilli		
Linguine Alle Russa				£7.15
White crab meat, garlic,Touch of chille and a splash of vodka 	
and cherry tomatoes					
Penne All"Aragosta				£7.95
Penne pasta with lobster tails with marino's secret sauce	
Penne All"Arrabiata (v)				£6.85
Spicy pasta, garlic, chilli tomato sauce			

			              Pasta Dishes	
Penne Al' Amatriciana				£7.75
Pancetta, onions, garlic,chilli tomato sauce		
Penne Funghi E Prosciutto				£7.65
Ham and mushroom cream sauce			
Penne Al Funghetti (v)				£7.15
Mushrooms in a cream sauce				
Penne Classiche					£7.35
Smoked salmon and prawns in a creamy white wine sauce	
with a touch of tomato				
Tagliatelle Alfredo					£7.15
Garlic,ham,wine cream sauce				
Tagliatelle Casa					£7.65
House Speciality - cream,blognaise mushrooms and 		
calabrese sausage					
Tagliatelle Cardinale				£7.65
Ham, mushrooms,tomato and cream sauce		
Tagliatelle Al Simone				£7.35
Smoked Salmon and wine cream sauce			
Tagliatelle Primadonna				£7.35
Zucchini,chicken,garlic,cream sauce with a touch of tomato	
Taglitelle Papalina					£7.15
Pancetta,peas,dolcelatte cheese, cream sauce with a touch of 	
Tortellini Al Funghi					£7.15
Mushrooms in a wine cream sauce			
Tertellini CasaLinghi				£7.55
Parma ham, mushrooms, tomato and a touch of cream	

		Pasta, Gnocchi (Dumplings) Risotto (Rice Dishes)
Pasta - con't					
Tortellini Principessa				£7.65
Pancetta,asparagus,garlic, tomato and cream		
Pannette Pugliese					£7.95
King prawns,broccolli garlic,black olives and cherry tomatoes	
with a touch of chilli					
Rigatoni Siliciana					£7.15
Aubergine,anchovies,black olives,tomato sauce and a touch 	
of cream						
Rigatoni Rusticuti					£7.15
Spiced sausage,broccoli,pancetta.tomato sauce and fresh basil	
Gnocchi (dumplings)				
Gnocchi Con Rucolla (v)				£7.15
Rochett, dolcelatte, cream sauce			
Gnocchi Autora (v)					£6.95
Tomato, fresh basil and cream sauce			
Gnocchi Bolognase					£6.95
Gnocchi with bolognaise sauce				
Risotto (rice dishes)					
Risotto Al Funghi (v)				£7.15
Rissotto, mixed mushrooms and cream sauce		
Risotto Marinara					£7.45
Seafood risotto					
Risotto Mare E Bosco				£7.35
Risotto, Asparagus, prawns and mixed mushrooms		
Rissotto Alla Romano				£7.35
Rice with artichokes, pancetta, peas and tomato sauce	

Pizza Margherita (v)				£6.15
Tomato,cheese and basil				
Pizza Napoletana					£6.75
Tomatoes,cheese anchovies and olives			
Pizza Four Stagioni				£7.30
Tomato,cheese,parma ham,artichoke,mushrooms and olives	
Pizza Calabrese					£7.15
Tomato,cheese onions and sausage			
Pizza Funghi (v)					£6.85
Tomato,cheese and mushrooms			
Pizza Classica					£7.25
Tomato, parma ham and dolcalette cheese			
Pizza Capricciosa					£7.25
Tomato,cheese,artichoke,ham,eggs and olives		
Pizza Passione					£7.15
Tomato,buffalo mozzarella smoked salmon,rochett and prawns	
Pizza Opera					£7.35
Tomato,cheese,chickenand bacon			
Pizza Rustcana					£7.15
Tomato,cheese,chicken and mushrooms			
Pizza Marinara					£7.45
Tomato,cheese,mixed seafood and basil			
Pizza Di Verdure (v)				£7.35
Tomato,cheese, mixed charcoal grilled vegetables		
Pizza Casareccia					£7.50
Tomato,cheese,onions,roast peppers,pancetta and olives	
Pizza Calzone					£7.85
House Speciality					
Any other topping					0.70
		   Insalate (Salad) Piatte Di Carne (Meat Dishes)
Insalata Mista					£2.25
Mixed Salads					
Insalata Verde					£2.20
Green Salad					
Insalata Di Pomodora				£2.45
Tomato and onion salad				
Insalata Paesana					£2.75
Potato,red onion and olives				
Insulata Con Rugola				£2.75
Rochett,onions and olive salad				
Meat Dishes					
Bistecca Alla Griglia				£13.95
Charcoal grill sirloin					
Filetto Alla Griglia					£15.85
Charcoal grilled fillet steak				
Filetto Al Pepe					£16.95
Peppered fillet and cream sauce			
Filleto Diana					£16.95
Fillet steak, onions,mushrooms and a brandy cream sauce	
Filletto Boscaiolo					£17.85
Fillet steak - house speciality				
Bistecca Pizzaiola					£14.50
Sirloin, garlic wine, mixed olives and tomato		
Filleto Al Porcini					£17.85
Fillet staek with porcinni mushrooms and cheese sauce	
Filleto Strogonoff					£15.95
Diced fillet strips with onions,mushrooms,paprika and cream sauce - served with rice

	     Piatti Di Vitello (Veal Dishes) - Piatti Di Pollo (Chicken Dishes)
Vitello Alla Milanese				£11.95
Breaded veal gently pan-fried				
Vitello Parmiggiano				£12.85
Breaded veal, topped with parma ham,mozzarella.		
tomato sauce gratin					
Vitello Funghi Crema				£12.35
Veal escalope,wine,mushrooms and cream sauce		
Vitello Saltimbocca				£12.85
Veal escalope,parma ham,sage and a special sauce		
Vitello Al Marsala					£12.35
Veal cooked in a marsala wine and a touch of cream		
Vittello Passione					£14.95
House speciality - please try				
Costata Fiorentina					£16.45
Veal t-bone charcoal grilled with rosemary,garlic and lemon sauce
Petto Di Pollo Alla Sicilana				£11.35
Chicken breast,garlic,onions,mixed peppers and tomato	
Pollo Al Funghetti					£11.35
Chicken breast,mushrooms,wine and cream sauce		
Pollo Sofia					£11.95
Chicken breast, asparagus,brandy and cream sauce		
Pollo Genovese					£12.95
Stuffed chicken breast,roast peppers,baby mozzarella, 	
fresh basil,breaded and pan-fried			

			Piatti Di Pesce ( Fish Dishes )	
Langhostine Al Forno				£14.95
Fresh Langhostine,garlic,wine and lemon			
Gamberoni Alla Griglia				£13.25
King prawns,wine and a touch of chilli			
Zuppa De Pesce					£14.50
Special fish soup					
Merluzzo Alla Pizzaiola				£9.95
Fresh haddock,garlic,olive and tomato			
Halibut Alla Agriglia				£13.25
Fresh grilled halibut,garlic and lemon			
Sea Bass						£13.75
Grilled fillet of sea bass with white wine and lemon sauce	
Calamari Fritti					£12.90
Fresh calamari - half portion also available			
Coda Di Rospo Termidore				£14.50
Monk fish with termidore cheesesauce,served with rice	
Coda Di Rospo Incarozzo				£14.50
Monk fish wrapped in parma ham and oven baked		
Gamberoni Calabrese				£14.25
King prawn with garlic ,touch of chilli with and tomato sauce	
Gamberoni Orientale				£14.25
King prawn with spicy curry sauce			
Gamberoni Allo Spiedo				£14.95
Charcoal grilled king prawns wrapped in pancetta on a skewer	
Tonno Alla Siciliana				£13.95
Charcoal grilled tuna steak served with marino's own green sauce	
Salmone in Padella				£12.95
Fresh scottish salmon pan fried				

		      Frittate ( Omellette ) Condorni (Extra Veg )
Frittata Paesana					£6.95
Eggs potato, onions and asparagus			
Frittata Casareccia					£6.95
Eggs,spinach,spiced sausage and parmasan cheese		
Frittat Ortolano (v)					£6.95
Eggs,courgettes,peas and flat parsley			
Extra Veg					
Spinaci Aj' Aglio					£2.45
Spinach and garlic					
Broccoli Saltate					£2.45
Broccoli, garlic and a touch of chilli			
Funghi Saltate					£2.95
Mushrooms sauteed					
Potate Romana					£2.95
House speciality please ask you waiter			
Zuchine						£2.95
Charcoal grilled courgettes				
Merenzane					£2.95
Charcoal grilled aubergine				
Patatine Fritti					£2.25
French Fries					

			           Dolci ( Sweets )	
A Selection of Sweets form the display			£3.70
Please ask the waiter				
Cassata Sciliana					£3.70
Traditional scilian ice cream				
Banana Fantasia					£3.95
Chopped Banana,ice cream,nuts,chocolate sauce and whipped 	
Coppa Amarena					£3.95
Ice cream,amareno cherries and whipped cream		
Coppa Babba					£3.95
Ice cream rum baba with whipped cream			
Coppa Russia					£3.95
Lemon sorbet and lemon				
Coppa Del Nonno					£3.95
Ice cream, tia maria, almonds and whipped cream		
Meringhe Sorpreso					£3.95
Meringue surprise					
Coppa Anannas					£3.95
Ice cream Pineapple and whipped cream			
Affocato Al Caffe					£4.25
Marino's favourite-please try it				
Crespelle Sorpresa					£4.25
Crepe,ice cream and hot chocolate sauce			
Tartufo Bianco o Nero				£3.55
Confection Truffle,white or black,ice cream topped with cream	
Fragole Fresche					£3.75
Fresh Stawberries with ice cream or cream			
Zabalione Classico					£6.00
House speciality-minimum of two people			
Pera Al Ghiotonne					£3.90
Fresh pears with dolcelatte and drizzled with honey		
Banana Passione					£3.95
Charcoal grilled banana with ice cream and toffee sauce	

			            Caffe ( Coffee )	
Espresso						£1.50
Cappacino					£1.80
Latte						£1.80
Machiato						£1.60
Corretto						£1.90
Café Con Panna					£1.90
Caffe Con Liquuore					£3.80
Bianco						£1.60
Nero						£1.50
Decaffiatted					£1.70
Hot Chocolate					£1.80
Tea						£1.35
Spaciality Teas					£1.45

			        Beers and Soft Drinks	
1/2 Pint lager					£1.30
Pint Lager					£2.60
1/2 Special					£1.30
Pint Special					£2.60
Peroni Nastro Axxuro				£2.80
Budweiser					£2.80
Miller						£2.80
Soft Drinks ( Glass )					
Coke						£1.40
Diet Coke					£1.40
Lemonade					£1.30
Irn Bru						£1.30
Fresh Orange					£1.30
Cranberry					£1.30
Pineapple					£1.30
Ginger Beer					£1.60
				1/2 Litre		Litre
Still Mineral Water			£1.80		£2.70
Sparkling Mineral water		£1.80		£2.70

			         Spirits and Liquers	
Vodka						£2.05
Gordons Gin					£1.95
Bacardi						£1.95
OVD Dark Rum					£1.95
Morgans Spiced					£1.95
Southern Comfort					£2.05
Famouse Grouse					£1.95
Glenmorangie					£2.60
Macallan						£2.70
Jack danials					£2.10
Tequila						£2.15
Sambucca					£2.15
Martell Brandy					£2.35
Vecchia Romagna					£2.35
Remy VSOP					£3.20
Baileys Irish Cream					£2.55
Drambuie					£2.25
Glayva						£2.25
Tia Maria					£2.35
Sherry						£2.35
Port						£2.35
Vintage Port					£2.35
Amaretto						£2.35
Strega						£2.25
Averna						£2.25
Grappa						£2.25
Limoncella					£2.25
Jagmeister					£2.25