The Empress

Voted the Docklands' Best Indian Restaurant in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The Empress in London's East End has maintained its critically acclaimed standards. Stylishly decorated in subtle colours, with wooden floors, gentle lighting and wooden artefacts this restaurant offers Indian cuisine that is reputed to be amongst the best in the capital. The menu is extensive and diverse offering old favourites and more unusual dishes such as lamb with baby mangoes, stuffed pepper and tandoori king prawns. Cuisine from many regions is served here, but you could always take advantage of the 'Cook your own Curry' nights! A three-course meal costs an average of £24 per person.

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141 Leman Street
E1 8EY
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Modern Restaurant
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All served with fresh salad and our special tamarind sauce and mint dip
Empress Mixed Starter £4.95
Nazakat, pancake kebab and khadom phool
Jhinga Garlic £4.95
Skewered king prawns with a garlic sauce grilled in a tandoor oven
Tandoori King Prawns £4.95
King prawns marinated in spices and cooked on a skewer over charcoal
Cox's Bazaar Shamuk £4.95
Steamed mussels in an exotic Bengali sauce
House Special Chat £4.25
House special chat masala with chicken, potatoes and chickpeas, sliced egg
Pancake Kebab £3.95
Pancake stuffed with delicious spicy lamb
Chicken Chat £3.95
Sliced chicken in a slightly tangy sauce with lemon
Khadom Phool £4.25
Minced lamb covered with spicy mashed potatoes, coated with sesame seeds and then deep-fried
Empress Stuffed Pepper £4.75
A large green pepper stuffed with spicy chicken and lamb and cooked in the clay oven
Nazakat £4.95
Very tender pieces of chicken skewered and grilled, delicately spiced and succulent, a must-have
King Prawn Butterfly £4.95
King prawn dipped in batter covered in breadcrumbs and shallow-fried
King Prawn Puree £4.55
King prawns cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a puree bread
Prawn Puree £3.95
Prawns cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a puree bread
Chicken Tikka £3.95
Pieces of spring chicken lightly spiced and grilled in a tandoori oven
Lamb Tikka £3.95
Tender lamb marinated in yoghurt and spices, then grilled in a tandoori oven
Tandoori Chicken £3.95
Spring chicken (on the bone) marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in a tandoori oven
Sheek Kebab £3.95
Mince meat spiced and grilled in a tandoori oven
Shami Kebab £3.95
Mince meat delicately spiced then shallow-fried
Dall / Mulligatawny Soup £2.95
A famous Bangladeshi soup
Aloo Chat £3.50
Potato slices cooked in a tangy sauce with lemon and served on a puree
Samosa (meat or vegetable) £3.50
Indian pasty stuffed with minced lamb / vegetables
Onion Bhaji £3.20
Deep-fried onion with lentils and battered herbs
Mysore Chilli Prawn £4.95
King prawns cooked with fresh green chillies, red onions and served on a masala papad
Vegetable Mix Starter £4.95
Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable and Mushroom Aloo Ball

House Specialities
Lamb Sikandari (Shank of Lamb) £10.95
Lamb marinated in the chef's secret recipe for 48 hours, then cooked in a sauce with chickpeas
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £10.95
King prawns cooked in a clay oven, then re-cooked with double cream, nuts and butter ghee
Cox's Bazaar Crab £9.95
Soft crabs cooked with ginger, garlic, coconut and fresh herbs and garnished with cucumber and lemon
Sea Food Bhuna £9.95
An infusion of scallops squid and tiger prawns in our speciality marinated bhuna spices
Chingri Sag Paneer £9.95
Tiger prawns with spinach and Bengali cheese and a hint of garlic
Chingri Gobi £9.25
Tiger prawns with broccoli cooked with selected spices and coconut milk
Haash Jhalpiazi £9.25
Sautéed duckling marinated in subtle spices and chilli
Haash Shuganda £9.25
Breast of duckling cooked in onion, ginger, garlic, lightly ground spices and gar am masala
Annans Haash £9.25
Succulent roasted breast of duck, cooked in aromatic spices, pineapple and cherry tomatoes - A fairly hot dish
Murgi Paharia (Green chicken curry) £8.50
Strips of chicken with aubergine, fresh beans, coconut milk and ground spices
Lamb Grilled Bhuna £8.50
Strips of golden brown lamb with onion, ginger, garlic, tomato puree and fresh herbs
Murgh Satta £8.50
Chicken cooked with ginger, red onions and mushrooms
Karai Kebab Khyber £7.85
Chicken marinated and cooked in exotic, highly flavoured spices - Medium
Tatul Lamb £7.85
Sliced pieces of lamb cooked in a spicy sauce flavoured with tamarind
Methi Sag Gosht £7.85
Lamb with spinach, fenugreek and other herbs
Murgi Masala £7.85
A mix of chicken minced meat and boiled egg cooked together in a medium sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala £7.50
Chicken marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in charcoal oven, then re-cooked with tandoori paste and added spices, topped with fresh cream
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda £7.85
Coconut, almond and double cream
Roshuni Chicken or Lamb £7.50
Medium spicy, stir-fried with fresh garlic in a medium sauce
Chicken Jalfrezi £7.75
Cooked with tomatoes, onion and fresh green chillies in a hot spicy sauce
Butter Chicken £7.75
Cooked with Indian butterghee in a creamy nutty sauce

Tandoori Specialities
Marinated in herbs and spices and cooked in the tandoori, served with green salad and mint sauce
Tandoori King Prawn £9.95
King prawns marinated in a light spicy sauce and cooked in clay oven
Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95
(Sheek kebab, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken)
Onions, green peppers, tomatoes with your choice of meat, marinated in light tandoori spices, then cooked in the tandoori oven, served sizzling on an iron platter with fried onions
Shashlick King Prawn £9.95
Shashlck Chicken £8.95
Shashlick Lamb £8.95
Shashlick Vegetable (with grated cheese on top) £7.50
Chicken Tikka £6.95
Cubes of chicken marinated in spices and grilled in the tandoor
Tandoori Chicken £6.95
(On the bone chicken marinated in spicy tandoori sauce and grilled in the tandoor)
Lamb Tikka £6.95
Cubes of lamb marinated in spices and grilled in the tandoor

North Indian Dishes
All the dishes listed below can be prepared medium, mild or hot
Tandoori Mixed Grill Bhuna £10.95
Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and sheek kebab, cooked in a thick medium sauce.
Served with a naan bread, (on the bone)
Special Chicken Tikka Masala £8.50
Cubes of spring chicken, lightly spiced, grilled on charcoal, prepared in masala sauce, made out of green chillies, coriander and green peppers - Mild in strength.
Chicken or Lamb Rezala £8.50
Fine Slices of spring chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a spicy sauce cooked with onions and green peppers, served sizzling on an iron wok
Jafflong Chicken or Lamb £8.50
Slices of spring chicken or lamb tikka cooked in tandoori, then re-cooked with spicy chickpeas in a spicy bhuna style sauce with a boiled egg. Medium in strength.
Chicken Makhani £8.50
Stripes of chicken marinated in yoghurt sauce, then cooked in a very mild authentic korma sauce
Chicken or Lamb Ahkney £9.50
Cubes of chicken or lamb cooked with basmati rice in an authentic Ahkney style, served with vegetable curry and an omelette on top
North Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken or Lamb £8.50
A fantastic spicy curry, very hot with green chillies, garlic and coriander
Lahore Chicken / Lamb £8.50
Spicy pieces of lamb / chicken tikka cooked in tandoori, then re-cooked with cubes of potatoes in a thick tomato puree-based sauce

The Empress Chef's Selections
The dishes on this menu are specialities that we personally recommend from our hometowns - India and Bangladesh. We bring to you a taste of flavours from abroad, cooked authentically, to give you an Eastern experience. All these dishes can be cooked mild, medium or hot.
Dhaka Murgh - Originates from Dhaka £9.95
Breast of fresh chicken stuffed with mince lamb with mashed potatoes and spinach and garnished with fresh coriander and tomatoes and glazed with honey. This is a medium dish with a hint of sweetness.
Khala Lamb Bhuna - Collected from the Punjab £8.95
Cubes of New Zealand lamb slowly cooked with fennel greek, lentils, green peppers and tomatoes.
This dish is cooked slowly to bring out the smoky aroma
Murgh or Lamb Rajshahi - Collected from Rajshahi £9.95
Fresh lamb or chicken cooked with pickled baby mangoes, tomatoes, coriander herbs and spices, served with fried red chillies.
Madras hot with a succulent smoky flavour
Murgh Banarashi - Collected from Banaras £8.95
Cubes of fresh chicken or lamb cooked with pineapple and our secret aromatic spices. A mild exotic dish.
Mirshi Massala - Collected from Ryhpur £8.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with tamarind, green chillies and curry leaves.
A spicy tangy dish with roasted dry chillies
Suhagi Chicken or Lamb £9.95
Tender cubes of fresh chicken or lamb cooked with green peppers, shallots, lemon grass and fennel greek. This dish can be cooked hot or medium on request.
Chicken Cocktail £10.95
Cubes of chicken or lamb skewered with green pepper, then re-cooked in a delicious medium sauce and served sizzling to bring out the flavour.
King Prawn Sizzler £10.95
King prawns grilled in the clay oven, then cooked in a tomato puree-based sauce, little spicy and tangy for that very special taste, served sizzling
Biyani Bazaari Special Murgha £7.95
Chicken marinated in spicy sweet, sour and hot sauce, and cooked in a cast iron wok to give a fiery flavour
Biran Machli £8.95
Bangladeshi fish pan-fried with onions, green pepper and served on a bed of fresh iceberg lettuce
Salmon Korma £8.95
Salmon cooked in the clay oven and re-cooked in mild creamy sauce
Cumin Talapia £7.95
Cooked in a medium sauce with cumins, lemon grass, bay leaves and various spices
Talapia Jalfry £8.50
Cooked in an iron wok with fresh green chillies, tomatoes, coriander
Aloo Borta £4.95
Smashed baked potatoes with shallots, roasted dry chillies and fresh coriander
Indian Shepherd's Pie £9.95
Indian Shepherdess Pie £8.95

Shellfish Dishes
King Prawn Garlic with fresh fried garlic £9.95
King Prawn Bhuna Medium £9.95
King Prawn Dopiaza Medium £9.95
King Prawn Sag Medium £9.95
King Prawn Madras Hot £9.75
King Prawn Vindaloo Very Hot £9.75
King Prawn and Mushroom £9.75
King Prawn Curry Medium £9.50
Prawn Bhuna Medium £6.25
Prawn Dopiaza Medium £6.25
Prawn Sag Medium £6.25
Prawn and Mushroom Medium £6.25
Prawn Madras Hot £6.25
Prawn Vindaloo Very Hot £6.25
Prawn Garlic Medium £6.25
Prawn Curry Medium £5.95

Fresh Vegetables
Motor Ponir Green Peas and Indian Cheese £3.95
Chana Masala Chickpeas in spicy sauce £3.95
Vegetable Curry Mixed vegetable in a gravy based sauce £3.95
Bombay Potato Spicy Potatoes £3.95
Mushroom Bhaji Chopped Mushrooms in spicy sauce £3.95
Cauliflower Bhaji £3.95
Bhindi or Brinjal Bhaji Ohra /Aubergine £3.95
Sag Bhaji Spinach £3.95
Dall Tarka Garlic Lentils £3.95
Sag Ponir Spinach and Indian Cheese £3.95
Sag Aloo Spinach and Potatoes £3.45
Raitha (onion or cucumber) Natural Yoghurt £3.50

Rice and Breads
Chutney per person 
Mango chutney, mint sauce, onion salad and lime pickle £0.50
Lemon Rice with fresh pieces of lemon £3.25
Special Fried Rice Chickpeas, Egg and Onions £3.25
Vegetable Rice with fresh vegetables £3.25
Mushroom Rice £3.25
Pilau Rice Basmati £2.65
Badami Rice cooked with cashew, pistachio and almonds £3.25
Stuffed Paratha stuffed with fresh vegetables £2.95
Peshwari Naan stuffed with nuts and almonds £2.65
Keema Naan stuffed with mince lamb £2.65
Vegetable Naan £2.65
Garlic Naan with fine pieces of fresh garlic and coriander £2.65
Paratha - Made with wholemeal flour fried in butter ghee £2.65
Plain Rice - Steamed £2.40
Naan £2.40
Chapati - Thin bread made from wholemeal flour and baked £1.50
Puree - Light fluffy bread made from self-raising flour, deep-fried £1.40
Papadam - Plain or Spicy £0.60

Biryani Dishes
Cooked with pilau rice and served with a portion of vegetable curry, garnished with tomatoes, cucumber and a hint of coriander
King Prawn Biryani £9.95
Mixed Biryani £9.95
Hash Biryani Duck £9.95
Chicken Tikka Biryani £9.95
Prawn Biryani £8.95
Chicken or Lamb Biryani £8.95
Chicken and Mushroom Biryani £9.95
Vegetable Biryani £8.95
Korai Specialities
Onions and green pepper cooked in a medium spicy sauce.
Cooked in an iron wok to produce a wonderful flavour.
King Prawn Korai £9.25
Korai Gosht £7.25
Korai Chicken £7.25
Vegetable Korai £7.10

Balti Dishes
Cooked with a unique blend of herbs and spices with onions, green pepper and tomatoes.
Cooked in a cast iron wok to give a lovely tangy, but spicy, flavour.
King Prawn Balti £9.95
Special Mix Balti £8.50
Prawn Balti £7.50
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti £7.50
Chicken Balti £6.95
Lamb Balti £6.95
Mix Vegetable Balti £6.95

Persian Dishes
Dansak: Cooked with lentils, hot, sweet and sour
Pathia: Dry curry, sweet and sour medium
King Prawn Dansak £9.95
King Prawn Pathia £9.95
Chicken Tikka Dansak £7.95
Prawn Pathia £6.95
Prawn Dansak £6.95
Chicken Dansak £6.95
Lamb Dansak £6.95

Traditional Dishes
Chicken / Lamb and Mushroom - Medium £6.95
Chicken / Lamb Rogon - Medium, cooked with lots of fresh tomatoes £6.95
Chicken / Lamb Korma - Very mild, creamy sauce £6.95
Chicken / Lamb Bhuna - Medium, tasty dry curry £6.95
Chicken / Lamb Dopiaza - Medium, dry-cooked with lots of chunks of onions £6.95
Chicken / Lamb Curry - Medium £6.25
Chicken / Lamb Madras - Hot £6.25
Chicken / Lamb Vindaloo - Very Hot £6.25