We’re a small UK business, with a passion for food and restaurants and about 40 years collective experience of writing, photography and web development.

Our little team loves eating out in restaurants, but hates hanging on the end of a phone waiting for someone to answer a reservation call, so we’re completely in tune with the concept, ease and practicality of on-line booking.

We use our food and restaurant blog to share snippets of news from the food and restaurant world – if we’re overjoyed at finding a little place off the beaten track, we’ll let you know.

Because we ourselves try and go the extra mile to care for the planet, we’re keen to share news about chefs who share our beliefs and create¬† culinary masterpieces out of local and sustainable ingredients (especially those with their own organic vegetable gardens – we’ve got one of those too!)

We hope you’ll find UK Dining a great site for making your restaurant reservations and to find out what’s happening in the world of UK food and restaurants.

Use it, share it, enjoy it and feel free to drop us a line if you have any comments.