Rhubarb rhubarb – making country wine

We’ve been dithering about having a bash at wine making for some time now and this weekend, finally took the plunge.

It was seeing an auction listing for three demi-johns that swung it really…. we saw the listing on Thursday and realised they were being sold from a little village that we were due to literally drive past the very next day.  We decided it was an omen and became their proud owners 24 hours later and after a swift trip to our local Brew Mart for the other essentials, we were all set to start our first batch.

As the rhubarb on our plot is now sprouting with vigour, it felt only right that our very first attempt at country wine should make full use of this delightful vegetable and we’re following the much esteemed John Wright’s rhubarb wine recipe, so our newly sterilised fermenting tub is now sitting with its mix of rhubarb and sugar for the requisite three days before we add the active ingredients.

Apparently patience is the key to good country wine and we we’re going to need a hefty dose of willpower because we have to try and leave it to mature for about a year after bottling!

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